As a small independent publisher dedicated to enriching the lives of children and their families, Imagination Inkwell specializes in creating and distributing children's books that support families through challenging times. We strive to provide valuable resources that promote understanding, empathy, and resilience.

At the heart of our publishing endeavor is a commitment to fostering open conversations about emotional wellbeing from an early age. Each book is carefully crafted to resonate with young readers and offer them comfort, guidance, and hope.

One of the key aspects of our work is collaborating with talented authors and illustrators who share their vision of creating impactful children's literature. Together, they bring stories to life that resonate with children of all ages and backgrounds, using engaging narratives and vibrant artwork to capture their imaginations and spark meaningful discussions. 

As publishers, we understand the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in children's literature. That's why we strive to ensure that our books represent the diversity of experiences of children and families.

    Makes Books that Matter for Children and Families

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