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One, Two, What Do I Do? is the first treatment companion for young children with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that truly reflects the diversity of the OCD community. 

Children will meet a cast of characters each with thier own unique OCD Worry Monster and watch as they successfully challenge whatever thier monster throws at them. 

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Meet Our Characters


Zara is brave but her Worry Monster wants her to make things "just right."                         


Finn is kind but his Worry Monster wants him to repeat tasks over and over.                               


Sophia is clever but her Worry Monster wants her stuck on her lucky numbers.



Jayden is creative but his Worry Monster tells him to be perfectly clean.                          


Shah is daring but his Worry Monster wants him to spend the day lining things up.                          

Why it Works

Evidence Based Principles

Children are introduced to exposure therapy principles using age appropriate language. 

Geared to Little Learners

Using a familiar rhyme and straight forward illustrations, young children will love to follow the story. 

Diverse Kids and Obsessions

Children can see both a diverse cast of children and OCD obsessions and compulsions. 

About The Authors

Drs. Megan Barthle-Herrera and Amanda Marie Balkhi completed thier doctoral training in Psychology from the University of Florida. While there, Drs. Balkhi and Barthle-Herrera developed a deep appreciation for the children and families impacted by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).


Today, Dr. Barthle-Herrera is a professor within the OCD, Anxiety, and Related Disorders psychology clinic in the University of Florida Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Program while Dr. Balkhi is the Executive Director of the Balkhi Foundation. Together they hope to make treatment for childhood OCD a little bit easier for young children and thier families. 

What People are Saying

"Drs. Balkhi and Barthle-Herrera are to be congratulated for filling a notable gap in the literature by crafting a child friendly book to accompany treatment among youth with OCD. Based on evidence-supported cognitive-behavioral principles, this book is perfectly attuned to young kids (and their families), has fun and engaging illustrations, and clearly illustrates core concepts to support ongoing therapy."

Eric Storch, Ph.D.Eric Storch, Ph.D.Professor, Vice Chair, & McIngvale Presidential Endowed Chair Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Baylor College of Medicine

"This book is perfect for clinicians and parents helping young children tackle their own worry monster. The beautiful and inclusive illustrations, combined with clear language, can give the boost of confidence one needs to challenge their own worry monster."

Maria G Fraire, PhD.Maria G Fraire, PhD.Program Director, OCD Institute for Children & Adolescents, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School

"In this much needed resource, Drs. Balkhi and Barthle-Herrera have created a fun, colorful read that doubles as both psychoeducation about and a guidebook for how to defeat OCD for young children. Wrapped around a familiar nursery rhyme is a fun read-along story that shows children from all backgrounds and types of OCD working hard to become the boss of their Worry Monster. With accessible language and wonderful illustrations, this book needs to be a mainstay in the library of anyone working with OCD in youth."

Caleb W. Lack, Ph.D.Caleb W. Lack, Ph.D.Professor of Psychology University of Central Oklahoma

“A much needed treatment companion for young children with OCD”

Wayne Goodman, MDWayne Goodman, MDChair of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine

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