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​Packages Include

Clients must provide proof of vaccination for in home training.


  • 60 Minute one-on-one personal
  • training in the leisure of your
  • Equipment brought to you *
  • Custom tailored program specific to your goals, lifestyle, and


  • Nutrition counseling
  • Initial customized macronutrient
  • Caloric intake
  • Assessment of current diet


  • Continuous positive
  • Anytime support
  • Email & phone call
  • 24 hour guaranteed response

* Exercise may not provided

​Packages and Rates

Servicing areas in a 2 mile radius from National Park and East Portal. Please inquire for areas further.



5 Session Package



5 Session Package



5 Session Package

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Where can I find Imagination Inkwell Books?Imagination Inkwell books are available in select retailers across the United States, direct from the printer for US shipping address via our Buy Now page, and throughout the world on Amazon.

Can Authors be contacted for signings or events? All of our authors are available to be contacted for further information, signings, or events. For more information please submit a request via our contact form. 

Are Imagination Inkwell books better than therapy?Imagination Inkwell books are not intended to replace the skills diagnosis or treatment of a mental health professional. Instead, Imagination Inkwell books are intended to suppliment the resources available to children and families or compliment treatments prescribed by a professional. 

Can I publish with Imagination Inkwell? Interested authors should reach out first through our contact form before sending proposals or samples. 

How can I help spread the word?The biggest praise is sharing our books with your friends, families, and patients. If you have purchased one of our books from a retailer, please consider leaving a review.

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